Forget Your Lice is a natural, chemical free lice band. Just use it to tie your hair and Forget Your Lice!

With it being a fast shipping, low price & easy to use product: What are you waiting for? Click the shop button below & have it shipped to your door in 2-3 business days!

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Feel secure in your purchase of Forget Your Lice by learning more about what makes our product special.

Benefits of Lice Bands

Lice bands are a safe and incredibly convenient way to get rid of lice! Just tie yours or your child’s hair like you would with any normal hair tie and let it do its magic!

Live Free of Lice

If you continuously inhab areas with higher risk of lice infestations, such as schools, then tying your hair with Forget Your Lice is a great, convenient precaution to take!

Shipping Process

Shipping with Forget Your Lice is simple and easy! Order through our website – we’ll receive your order and immediately send it out and you’ll receive a tracking number through your email!

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We appreciate your business! You can order a 4 pack of our convenient & reliable lice bands directly through our website! Click on this image and add to cart!

What Sets Us Apart?

Long gone are the days of old. You no longer have to choose between the safety of a natural, chemical-free product & convenience!

  • Easy To Use!

  • Fast Shipping!

  • 100% Natural!

  • Affordable!

  • 24/7 Email Support!

  • No Chemicals!

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Finally, there is an incredibly easy and safe way to get rid of lice, or prevent lice at an incredibly low price! Forget Your Lice is perfect for all ages, but especially great for children in school!

Live Free of Lice

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